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Educationally supported, fully operational Anti Poaching dogs and training to conservancies and National Parts in need across Africa and the world. 

When we talk of conservation and the penultimate survival of species, it is generally looked at with a view towards preservation of our future generations. Dogs 4 Wildlife are honoured to be able to aid in the training and supply of Anti -Poaching dogs to both conservancies and National Parks in dire need across Africa and throughout the world. With a commited view to assisting in the protection and continuation of endangered species. 


Our projects, alongside the prevention of wildlife crime, aims to inspire our children and the future generations across the globe to take part in and become actively involved in our projects and all of our conservation efforts.
We aim to collaborate with educational platforms both within the UK and across Africa to help raise awareness to the plight of wildlife crime, and want to show that every individual has a part to play, no matter how small that may be in the conservation of animal species across the world.  



Project Objectives:

To promote, for the benefit of the public and our future generations, the conservation and protection of endangered species and the protection against wildlife crime through:

  1. Training and establishing strong, reliable, anti-poaching canine units.
  2. Community empowerment projects, to advance the awareness and education about endangered species for protection of biodiversity.
  3. Providing educational platforms in the UK and Africa to raise awareness of the plight of wildlife and inspire the next generation of wildlife protectors. 

Dogs 4 Wildlife are proud to be in a position to assist with the continued and dedicated conservation work across Africa, the project is very close to our hearts and being fanatical animal lovers we understand the need for these types of measures to be in place so that future generations are able to enjoy these magnificent animals themselves, for more photos and videos of our Anti-Poaching dogs or for further information, please check our not for profit website

Dogs 4 Wildlife rely solely on external donations, sponsorship and funding, together lets fight the good fight

We selectively breed, train and supply dual and triple role, tracking and apprehension dogs for designated conservancies throughout Africa. To date we have 8 operational Anti Poaching dogs currently protecting against wildlife crime, from the Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania to the Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe, with more of our dogs due to be supplied over the coming months.                                   

The conservancies we have so far supplied our dogs to;


- Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania

- Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe

- Chuilexi Conservancy, Mozambique

- Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya  

- Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservancy, Zimbabwe   

Two Dogs 4 Wildlife directors Darren Priddle and Jacqui Law are both proud Professional Members of ABWAK (Association of British Wild Animal Keepers) who are an organisation for those involved in the keeping and conservation of wild animals, who seek to achieve the highest standards of excellence in animal welfare through communication, cooperation, training and development. 


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