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Real world training is something that we take seriously at Extremus Dog Training, with Personal Protection at its epicentre. The protection dogs that we produce spend every day training in different environments and social situations. Whilst the majority of Personal Protection Dog trainers focus most of their time on the need for their dogs to be socially interactive, here at Extremus we have a slightly different philosophy on the term 'social'. We believe that a true Personal Protection dog, one that is there to do a job whilst providing discerning clients with a feeling of security, is a dog taught stability and acceptance, over the requirement to be socially interactive and fall into the 'meet and greet' mentality that most Personal Protection dogs are trained into.

Whilst we ensure the dog is content in the presence of unknown persons and new environments, we train and encourage our dogs to be naturally aloof of strangers, however, tolerant and accepting of their presence. Our main focus when it comes to training Personal Protection dogs is Control. Before our dogs have gone through our personal protection training, they must master both off lead obedience and the ability to be controlled by multiple handlers in difficult scenarios and everyday situations. Only once this has been achieved do our dogs begin their formal personal protection training.

We never accept or allow behaviours such as unnecessary aggression and this is something we channel throughout our training programmes for when the need actually arises.

Please contact us with your requirements and for information on the packages and services we are able to provide.

We have a small selection of personal protection dogs available at any one time, we breed and produce the majority of our personal protection dogs in house, which gives us, we believe a definitive edge over others. We selectively produce our family personal protection dogs for the needs of our training programmes and more importantly our clients. We aim to, outside of the working litters that we produce, supply a maximum of 10 highly trained personal protection dogs per year, as at Extremus we don't ever want to compromise on the quality of either the standard of our dog training or the personal protection dogs with which we put our name to.

At Extremus we can supply personal protection dogs for a variety of budgets, applications and circumstances, as well as offering individually tailored training to suit your requirements. Further to this if we do not have a particular dog that matches our clients requirement, then we are only too happy to personally work with our clients to source, train and provide a personal protection dog that compliments their specifications.

Extremus also offers personal protection courses for your own pet dog, dependent on suitability and temperament. Please contact us for further information about this service.  

Please click on the images below for further information on the personal protection dogs we supply. We may also have dogs available that we have not yet put onto our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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We also breed, train and supply Police Dogs, Anti-Poaching Dogs, Security Dogs and other professional working dogs, for further information please check


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